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The Any% category presents no gameplay restrictions for completing the game in the fastest possible manner.

Optimal Route Overview

The beginning of this run utilizes minor sequence breaks (Goomba Trio Skip, Blooper Skip, Bridge Skip) to complete Chapter 1 as quickly as possible in order to open up the entrance to Boggly Woods. The door leading to the woods pipe is unaffected by the game sequence, and thus talking to Punio is the only way to ensure travel back from Boggly Woods (the area can be accessed with an Unspin Clip although reverse travel is impossible). An Unspin Clip is then used to perform Teleporter Room Early.

X-Naut Fortress is visited for the red note, which sets the game's sequence to partway through Chapter 7. Part of the fortress can be completed now, but the route returns to Rogueport for a Badge Shop and Charlieton trip before entering Boggly Woods through the previously opened entrance. The Great Tree can be entered immediately at this sequence, and the Super Boots can be obtained by use of a Jabbi Hive Skip. With the Super Boots, it is possible to enter Poshley Heights via two Hazard Respawn Glitches. Poshley Sanctum can be traversed with a Super Jump to pick up the Garnet Star. The Peach and Bowser intermission plays out upon leaving the sanctum.

Mario returns on the train after the Chapter 6 intermissions, allowing for the performance of Blimp Ticket Skip using an Unspin Clip and Jump Storage from an e-mail trigger. In Glitzville, Yoshi is picked up after facing off once against the Armored Harriers. The remainder of Chapter 3 goes unfinished.

The teleporter door remains unlocked after Teleporter Room Early, allowing for an easy return to the X-Naut Fortress to finish Chapter 7. This opens up the Palace of Shadow. Partway through the final chapter, Palace Skip is used to skip several normally required upgrades. In the Any% route, this involves getting Text Storage from an item drop in hallway before Gloomtail, and using a Yoshi Teleport to reach a loading zone beneath the floor. From here, the final bosses can be defeated with the speedrun concluding on the fadeout to the credits.

Alternative Options

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