Paper Mario TTYD Getting Started

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This page is meant for people trying to get into Paper Mario TTYD speedrunning.


Before you consider speedrunning, you want to be quite familiar with the game, its mechanics and the level/map layouts.

In the following sections, you will find important concepts and information that you may find useful for starting out with Paper Mario TTYD speedrunning.

Speed Swap

Speed Swap is a bread-and-butter trick used in nearly all speedrunning routes in TTYD. It is very important to understand the concept of it and to be able to execute it consistently. We highly suggest you start by learning and mastering this trick.
Learning SpeedSwap properly can take several hours of practice, so do not be discouraged if you are not able to achieve it in your first couple of attempts. Actual consistency is often only acquired after longer periods of time.

A tutorial can be found on the page linked above.


Refer to these pages for information about specific skips and glitches in TTYD speedrunning along with tutorials:

Resources to Speedrun Paper Mario TTYD

  • Timer / Split Program. The most common and advanced one is LiveSplit.

Common Terms in Paper Mario TTYD Speedrunning

When learning TTYD, you might find out a lot about the game yourself, but when starting off with speedrunning, there might be some terms you will not be aware of at first. The common terms used TTYD are mentioned here below upon expanding the tab.

Common terms in TTYD speedrunning

Movement in TTYD Speedrunning

Movement is a key element in TTYD that is often underrated. The more efficient your movement is, the more time you will save, obviously.

Movement and Enemy Behaviour

Enemies in TTYD have different ways of engaging in combat. Getting encountered is a good way to lose time (Nearly 13 seconds!)

By learning how to dodge enemies, and what movement options are safe, you'll become more consistent at dodging these encounters.


Menuing during TTYD runs is important. Knowing where items and badges are is crucial if you want to save time.
Generally, it is best to shift your menuing to places where the game forces you to wait in any way, like while going into paper mode over the grate in Westside.
It's better to swap partners when passing through backgrounds during certain routes, as the animation of swapping them will not play.

Choosing a Category & Route

You can refer to the main categories here and make your choice.
Route of your choosing is obviously up to personal preference.
Note that starting with the fastest route might not necessarily be the wisest decision, as these routes often require a high execution level and tend to be very punishing. Look around the category pages and pick carefully. However, in the end, it is all about overall improvement, which you can achieve via any route.

Tips & Tricks

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