Sort Glitch

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Sort Glitch

Sort glitch.png

Discovered by SolidifiedGaming
Year 2015
Categories NA
Versions JP

Go to any sort menu within the start menu (can be the one for items, key items, badges, tattles, the badge database, or emails) and hit A and Start simultaneously. Doing this will cause the game to think you are still in the sort menu the next time you open the menu, but the normal cursor will still be available to use (although invisible). This allows you to sort any of those categories within the start menu every time the A button is pressed.

Using an item while this glitch is active allows you to sort it to another position within the item menu during its use, causing it to remain there instead of being removed. This means that by using this glitch, you can reuse any HP or FP restoring items infinitely many times.

Demonstration by FrezzerFox

This glitch can also crash the game if you obtain it using the sort menu for emails and then sort the emails using the first sort option while having one open to read (requires at least 2 emails to pull off).