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Leaderboards & Categories

Paper Mario TTYD Leaderboards

  • Any%: Complete the game with no restrictions.
  • All Crystal Stars: Collect all seven Crystal Stars and Complete the game.
  • Glitchless: Complete the game without abusing the specified glitches.
  • 100%: Complete the game with all collectibles, recipes, and upgrades.
  • All Collectibles: Complete the game with all collectibles without the use of Shine Dupes.
  • Max Upgrades: Complete the game with all upgrades.

Category Extensions

Paper Mario TTYD Category Extensions

  • Pre-Hooktail Pit: Complete the Pit of 100 Trials without exceeding the sequence value directly before Hooktail is defeated (54) at any point during the run.
  • Post-Hooktail Pit: Complete the Pit of 100 Trials while exceeding the sequence value of (55) at some point during the run.
  • Tube Game: Clear the Tube course in as short a time as possible.
  • Boat Game: Clear the Boat course in as short a time as possible.
  • All Badges: Complete the game with all badges.
  • Defeat Gloomtail: Beat Gloomtail and obtain the Star Key.
  • All Dragons: Defeat Hooktail, Gloomtail, and Bonetail in any order and collect their treasures (Diamond Star, Star Key, Return Postage).
  • 100% Glitchless: Complete the game with all collectibles, recipes, and upgrades with many restrictions.
  • Softlock RTA: Softlock the game as soon as possible.

Getting Started


There are a number of glitches, tricks and sequence breaks that can significantly shorten the amount of time needed to progress through the game. Paper Mario TTYD is a heavily exploitable game so the following list is only a selection of possible exploits most often used in speedruns.

Alternatively, videos of a large number of glitches, exploits and many other things are featured on [Here (soon)].


Sequence Breaks

  • Blooper Skip: Allows the player to skip the Blooper Fight and the First Thousand-Year Door Cutscene.


  • Sort Glitch: Allows for the infinite use of HP/FP Items on the JP version


(These rules apply to all Paper Mario TTYD speedrun categories. Each category also has its own set of rules in addition to the ones listed here.)

The Following is Not Allowed

  • Emulators, MIOS modifications, and any of the Action Replay discs
  • All homebrew apps and/or special loaders (Dolphin, Dios Mios, Devolution, Swiss, etc.) even if the official game disc is being booted through them.
  • Turbo controllers
  • The use of a backup disc
  • Any cheat codes or game modifications

External Resources

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